Yoo-Hoo and Nutty Buddies

cvrEven if you’re not old enough to remember pictures of Yogi Berra holding a bottle of Yoo-hoo next to his face and declaring “Its Me-He for Yoo-Hoo,” you have to remember the drink itself.  It’s still around, of course, but children no longer walk down to the local grocery and fish around in old, ice-filled drink cases, pushing aside lesser beverages, until their frozen hands finally emerge with that bottle of chocolate heaven.

For the children of the turbulent 60’s and 70’s, growing up with the confusion and disruption brought about by war and social upheaval, little tastes of heaven were sometimes rare. And all the more delicious for that.

Also delicious is Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s newly released debut novel, Sewing Holes. It tells the story of Tupelo Honey Lee, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in a family that is battered, not only from the outside, by the chaos of the time, but also from within by illness and tragedy, anger, jealousy and guilt.

Here are some of the things that have been said about this lovely book so far:

“With infinite grace, Sewing Holes explores love and loss, spirituality and crisis, redemption and forgiveness. Honey is a mesmerizing character who tells her story with such plucky, clear-eyed, no-nonsense wisdom that you never want the novel to end. Darlyn Finch Kuhn has written one fine, uplifting debut novel. Read it, celebrate it, and buy copies for your friends, for this is a book that reminds us what the true nature of love is all about.” ~~ Connie May Fowler, author of Before Women had Wings and How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly

“In her debut novel Sewing Holes, Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s has written an authentic and touching account of growing up in the 1970s that ties life in Jacksonville, Florida, to the national traumas of that era. Despite her tempestuous home environment, young Honey strives to reach adulthood with her honest heart and loving spirit intact. It’s a generous tale of maturation that all young girls and their mothers and fathers should read. Sewing Holes helped me to a greater understanding of my own childhood and youth.” ~~ Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab’s Wife, Four Spirits, Abundance, and The Fountain of St. James Court, or, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman

You can meet Darlyn Finch Kuhn, talk to her about her book, and pick up your own copy of Sewing Holes at two different events this weekend.  First is her book launch party at the Kerouac House, 1418 Clouser Avenue, Orlando, FL at 7 pm on Saturday, March 28.  Then on Sunday, you can meet Darlyn as well as other Twisted Road authors at Bookmark It bookstore, 3201 Corrine Drive, Suite 201, Orlando, FL, from 1 to 4 pm.

You really should make it to the launch party if you can, because there will be, among other things –  Yoo-hoo and Nutty Buddies.  I can’t wait!