Walking the Edge – A Southern Gothic Anthology


From the Introduction by Dorothy Allison:
“These stories will take you places you may never have imagined before, but in every case the wonder of the narratives will allow you to see over the walls of ignorance and indifference to the heart’s core.

Here you will find the exceptional, a bit of the absurd, and a lot of the unique, but all in all people who are bluntly making their way in a difficult world as stubbornly as anyone you might meet in a truck stop on the highway headed south.”

Take a look at the world through the eyes of those who live outside the mainstream; people who do not fit. Some give the outward appearance of social acceptability while others drift through shadow worlds. These stories come from all over the country and represent a wide range of styles and themes, but all share a strong gothic sensibility.

Stories in the Southern Gothic tradition by: Sean Carswell, Vickie Weaver, Sally Bellerose, Dawn Davies, Rhett DeVane, Linda Dunlap, Jane Edwards, Emily Franklin, Peggy Kassees, Gale Massey, Dorothy Place, David James Poissant, Daryl Scoggins, Pat Spears, Jane St. Clair, Shane Stricker, Sheila Stuewe, and Judith Turner-Yamamoto

The Stories:

A Place Called Sickness by Sean Carswell
Feeding the Dog by Vickie Weaver
Sunflowers by Sally Bellerose

Open Your Mouth for the Mute by Shane Strickler
Something Merciful by Dawn Davies
Rosemary by Dorothy Place
Qualities of the Modern Farmer by Emily Franklin
A Bad Year for Gnats by Rhett DeVane
The Caterer by David James Poissant
Pink Moon by Pat Spears
Mom’s Mustang by Sheila Stuewe
High Point by Gale Massey
The Man Who Liked 1959 by Jane St. Clair
Poker by Linda Dunlap
Dream Location by Daryl Scroggins
The Watcher by Peggy Kassees
Teen Angel by Judith Turner-Yamamoto
Winnie Nunez on T. Cannon by Jane Edwards