Echoed in My Bones

Released August 2019

ISBN # 978-1-940189-24-6    $19.95

When sixteen-year-old Lakisha White gives up her biracial twin daughters, she has no idea that eighteen years later she’ll be desperate for their help to save her son’s life. Echoed in My Bones is rife with loss, hidden truths, and, ultimately, redemption.

After Lakisha surrenders her newborns, Jasmine who looks black, and Tessa who looks white, are raised in neighboring New Jersey towns, but worlds apart. Jasmine scrapes through a harrowing childhood in the foster-care system while Tessa struggles with her perfectionist mother and the the pressures of being the youngest child in a high-achieving family of physicians and attorneys. Neither Jasmine nor Tessa know of each other’s existence until Lakisha’s son is diagnosed with leukemia. In order to find a compatible bone-marrow donor, Lakisha is forced to choose between keeping her traumatic history hidden from her longtime boyfriend, or searching for the daughters she abandoned, a decision that could change everything. How Lakisha, Jasmine, and Tessa come together again is the story of the mistakes that threaten to destroy us and the injuries that echo in our bones; the ones that only love can heal.

Lisa Sturm’s short stories have been published in literary journals such as Tulane Review, Serving House Journal, Mom Egg Review, Willow Review, and Turk’s Head Review, and in an anthology entitled SISTERS BORN, SISTERS FOUND (Wordforest Press, 2015)She received the Willow Review Fiction Award and the Writer’s Relief Peter K. Hixson Wild Card/Fiction Award for selections from her debut novel, ECHOED IN MY BONES, a story inspired by her work as an inner-city psychotherapist. She has degrees from Barnard College and New York University School of Social Work, and is now in private practice in Mountainside, New Jersey. A former fitness/dance instructor, she’ll use any excuse to sneak out to a Zumba class or grab a good novel and find a shady spot beneath a leafy tree.

Early praise for Echoed in My Bones

“This uplifting story reminded me that the invisible threads that create a family are often stronger than time, distance, and hardships. I was rooting for this mother and the twin daughters she gave up at birth to reunite and help each other to heal.” ~ Jennifer Haupt, bestselling author of In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills

“Lyrical language, compelling dialog, and original slam poetry that pounds like a beating heart – all this will remain long after you’ve turned the final pages of this beautifully written book.” ~ Nancy Gerber, A Way Out of Nowhere   

Lisa Sturm reminds us just how much distinct environmental stressors, or advantages, pave our paths in life, and also how profound our need for family is. This well-crafted and well-imagined novel will keep you reading well into the night.” ~ Ellen Sherman, Just the Facts and Monkeys on the Bed