Take a Left at Tomorrow

A Novel by Renee Anduze

ISBN #978-1-940189-29-1


To Joey Dean, the rebellious Kit is everything—every possibility and joy in the whole world. And then he is gone, to a place neither could find on a map and a war they do not understand. When he returns, he is changed in every way, is a man at war with his memories, his wounds, and his government. But Joey, who now has her own mission, believes love is all they need. She has yet to realize that in a world where cities, draft cards, and bras are burning, dreams as well as tear gas are in the wind. On their journey to find healing, Joey and Kit witness some of America’s most momentous events of that era.


Of the novel, bestselling author Connie May Fowler writes: “Take a Left at Tomorrow is an unforgettable tale. Steeped in what the heart wants, this page-turner is as wise as it is searing. In short, Renee Anduze’s debut novel dazzles.”

About the Author:

Renée holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University and a BA in English from Rollins College. She has worked as a professional writer and editor for nearly 20 years and won several literary awards. See more about her at reneeanduze.com