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Travel the back roads into the real Florida

cvrSewing Holes by Darlyn Finch Kuhn (2015)
“In her debut novel Sewing Holes, Darlyn Finch Kuhn has written an authentic and touching account of growing up in the 1970s that ties life in Jacksonville, Florida, to the national traumas of that era. … It’s a generous tale of maturation that all young girls and their mothers and fathers should read. …” ~ Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab’s Wife, Four Spirits, and The Fountain  of St. James Court

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dream chaserDream Chaser by Pat Spears (2014)
“Spears has a remarkable gift of taking the kind of rundown man we’d shake our heads over … and painting his humanity with such tenderness we want to rush up to the next down-on-his-luck stranger we see and offer a hug and assistance.” – Southern Literary Review

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cvrThe River’s Memory by Sandra Gail Lambert (2014)
“‘Time is a river.’ Lambert uses this rusty literary device with freshness and passion while employing within it another device, convincingly drawing readers to Florida river life, reaching back 10,000 years ago, then flowing to the present via women’s first-person stories. Lovingly crafted details abound, succinctly revelatory of women’s lives: . . . Lambert portrays many mesmerizing characters over the centuries whose lives entwine with that of the river.” — Whitney Scott, Booklist
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Visit the Catskills or the Piedmont with some very unusual families

cvrNot On Fire, Only Dying by Susan Rukeyser (2015)
“Susan Rukeyser’s novel Not On Fire, Only Dying is a righteous hybrid: domestic epic, thriller, millennial meditation. Get down with the very real characters, the original milieu. This book will hang you out to dry.” – James Ellroy, bestselling author of L.A. Confidential

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EVE'S-GARDEN-FOR-WEB-72-PIXELEve’s Garden by Glenda Bailey Mershon (2014)
“By turns moving and biting, lyrical and dramatic, EVE’S GARDEN is filled with private secrets and lush images of the natural world. In this fine novel, Glenda Bailey-Mershon reveals she has the soul of a poet and the heart of a story-teller.” – Diana Abu-Jaber, author of Arabian Jazz and The Language of Baklava

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Take a few moments with a family photograph album

cvrEver Yrs by Nance Van Winckel (2014)
. . .the [photograph] album (digital or otherwise) is a collection of photos, but it is also a collage of the people who came before us, or representations of ourselves at various times and places somewhere in the past—a glimpse of a prior time that we can recall because of the proof in our hands. Van Winckel’s novel is an ode to this otherwise lost expression of family. But, more than that, Ever Yrs is the family album we have always wanted to read because it is directly addressed to a person of the future from a person of the past. –Jacqueline Kharouf, Colorado State University

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