How to put a book in motion in 90 seconds

Although I am admittedly not the youngest kid on my block, I have generally avoided fuddy-duddy-ness by embracing every new technology I could get my hands on – learned to program some of the 80’s computers (Fortran and Cobol, anyone?),  embraced all the new gadgets, and became the resident techie in the offices of my beloved non-profits.

But when the idea of video trailers for printed books first started gaining momentum, I was seriously skeptical.  It stretched my considerable techie imagination to think you could put enough of the story into motion – in a 90 second clip, no less – to give a useful sense of a 90,000 word book.  Nay, nay, says I.  Touch not all of these beautiful words with your cold, digital hand.

OK, so I was wrong.

I’ve watched the process of creating book trailers twice now, and I’ve learned that it’s all a matter of some very creative people selecting the right images, book excerpts, author comments and music and then joining them (this is the really cool part) into a continuous flow to create a coherent narrative.

I hope everyone will watch these two clips, which proved to me that it can not only be done, but be done beautifully.  First, as with most films, we need to let the credits roll, so here goes:

In the trailer for “The River’s Memory”, you will see Sandra Gail Lambert’s lovely nature photography, and hear her voice reading two scenes from the book.

In the trailer for “Dream Chaser”, you will hear Pat Spears reading three scenes from the book, accompanied by Grant Peeples mesmerizing lyrics and vocals from “My People Come From the Dirt”.  Special shout-out here to the super-talented poet, songwriter and musician, Grant Peeples.  The song on the video is from the CD “Okra and Ecclesiastes” and if you love it as much as I do, go to and get yourself a copy.

And putting it all together:  Brad and Darlyn Kuhn of Brad Kuhn & Associates.  These are some seriously talented, skilled and dedicated people who clearly love what they do.

With that: evidence of how wrong a faithless techie can be.

The River’s Memory trailer

Dream Chaser trailer