Acts of Assumption


A Novel by S. W. Leicher

 In America, we’re good at dividing ourselves into tribes–into “insiders” and “outsiders”–based on race, background and beliefs. But what happens when a person is an outsider within her own tribe?  Serach Gottesman, the mathematically-gifted eldest daughter of a rigidly Orthodox Jewish Boro Park family and Paloma Rodriguez, the street-smart Bronx-bred daughter of a neglectful Latina immigrant mother, seek broader vistas within a relationship that is forbidden by both their communities.  Love provides them ballast, but they find that some cultural bonds grip tight and some wounds run deep.

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“. . . The people and worlds in Acts Of Assumption are singular and universal at once, and vividly drawn. Leicher is a novelist to watch.” ~ SJ Rozan, Award-winning author of Ghost Hero

“In her debut novel, Leicher presents a sweeping tale of faith and family that explores the abiding love between two independent women. . . Readers will find joy in the passion and depth of their commitment.”. ~ Susan Gregg Gilmore, author of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen

“[Acts of Assumption] is a rare book that can be read by everyone who wants to understand the richness of diversity in contemporary America. . . . Compulsively readable. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Dr. Rosa Gil, author of The Maria Paradox: How Latinas Can Merge Old World Traditions with New World Self-Esteem