More of There Less of Here

more-of-there-less-of-here-200An old man struggles for the right to die in a place of his own choosing. A little girl finds a reason to trust, and a war veteran confirms his belief that no one can be trusted. A homeless man finds both love and destruction in the same night. A lonely woman dances in the moonlight with her cat.

Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always pitch perfect, these stories reveal the lives of individuals teetering at the edge of disaster, determined not to fall.

Pat Spears‘ stories have appeared in The North American Review, Appalachian Heritage, Common Lives Lesbian Lives, Seven Hills Review, Habersham Review and the anthology titled Bridges and Borders from Jane’s Stories Press Foundation. Her short fiction “Pink Moon” won second place in last year’s Saints and Sinners Fiction Contest and appears in the anthology titled New Fiction from the Festival 2012. Other stories are forthcoming in Snake Nation Review and the anthology titled Crimes and Misdemeanors.