It’s Time to Vote

Florida and North Carolina are voting in presidential primaries tomorrow. New York will vote April 19 and Montana on June 7th. I’ve spent the day working with the fictional characters of our next two releases – people who, like all of the characters in Twisted Road books, have been marginalized in some way – and it made me start to wonder who the characters in our books would vote for.

Jesse McKnight from Dream Chaser by Pat Spears – single father of three whose job has been moved out of the country and who has been unable to get another decent paying job.
Jesse’s issues would be bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US and parental rights for divorced fathers.

Grandy from Ever Yrs by Nance Van Winckel – lives on top of one of the worst superfund sites in the country. Grandy’s main issue would definitely be environmental protection and superfund site cleanup.

Marco Holomek from Not On Fire Only Dying by Susan Rukeyser – ex-con drug dealer in love with a mentally ill woman.  Marco’s issues would include restoration of civil rights for convicted felons, job availability and job training following incarceration, and appropriate health care for the mentally ill.

Tupelo Honey Lee from Sewing Holes by Darlyn Finch Kuhn – lost her father very young to diabetes. Honey definitely wants universal health care.

Eve Gates from Eve’s Garden by Glenda Bailey-Mershon – the great-granddaughter of Romani immigrants living in a mill town in the Piedmont. Eve would be concerned with immigrant rights, women’s rights, and the loss of US textile mills.

All of the women from The River’s Memory by Sandra Gail Lambert – women in non-traditional roles, living on a river that is being degraded over time by development. I’m sure they all want someone concerned with both the environment and women’s issues.

Who do you think they’d vote for? Clearly, these individuals have some serious issues, just as we all do. But whatever our issues, we all share the singular responsibility to vote.