Congratulations Dorothy Allison

Dorothy Allison, who has been a friend and supporter of Twisted Road Publications since its inception, is the 2024 recipient of The Publishing Triangle’s Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement. The award celebrates the recipient’s lifetime of work and commitment to fostering queer culture. She is the author of a number of books, including Bastard Out of Carolina, which was a finalist for the National Book Award.

Our favorite writing from Dorothy comes from the introduction to Walking the Edge: A Southern Gothic Anthology (Twisted Road Publications, 2016). The anthology was created from a Twisted Road short story contest, which she judged. Here is what she said in the introduction to the finished book:

“These stories will take you places you may never have imagined before, but in every case the wonder of the narratives will allow you to see over the walls of ignorance and indifference to the heart’s core.

Here you will find the exceptional, a bit of the absurd, and a lot of the unique, but all in all people who are bluntly making their way in a difficult world as stubbornly as anyone you might meet in a truck stop on the highway headed south.”

If you haven’t read Walking the Edge, including the full introduction by Dorothy Allison, we encourage you to take a look. And while you’re at it, browse our all-new online bookstore!