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Coming Soon: Ditch Weed


A Novel by Rhett DeVane

Scheduled for release June 15, 2024

ISBN #978-1-940189-33-8
Paperback – 312 Pages

Eighteen year-old Danae Gray hasn’t seen her older sister in eleven years. But there she is, just across the street, in this small North Florida town where Danae has only just arrived. Has fate finally brought them back together? Is it really even her?
Mevlyn Jenson, the feisty octogenarian owner of the Wash-Away Laundromat, can see Danae is lost, alone, and troubled. But Mevlyn needs help as much as Danae does, and the two quickly form an alliance. In exchange for room, board, and Mevlyn’s freely bestowed advice, Danae begins to help Mevlyn care for her terminally ill husband.
As Danae unravels the tragic secret surrounding her older sister’s disappearance, and Mevlyn comes to terms with the losses in her own life, Danae and Mevlyn create a new heart-family, filled with love and renewed hope.


Launch Event – Birdhouse Jesus

Please join us for the launch of Terri Chastain’s Novel, Birdhouse Jesus

When: Saturday, January 20th  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Where: Cocina 214, 151 E Welbourne Ave, Winter Park, FL

There will be food, good company, and
readings from the novel

The book will be available for purchase

We hope to see you there. If you know of others who would like to be there, you are welcome to share this invitation.





Coming Soon – Birdhouse Jesus

Birdhouse Jesus – a novel by Terri Chastain

At six years old, Mary Alice Lydell is consumed by fear. No one can protect her from the monster she cannot name. Even if she understood the monster, she couldn’t tell Momma or Aunt Jean or her best friend Carolyn, because if she did, they would know she was bad and wouldn’t love her. She sits inside her closet, talking to Birdhouse Jesus, a crucifix she stole from Aunt Jean, hoping he will make Daddy be nice to her and not behave in ways that terrify her.

In her teens, filled with self-loathing, Mary Alice falls quickly and deeply in love with a man who touches her gently and makes her feel worthy. Soon, she has another secret – and a baby on the way. The baby’s father also has a secret: he’s married to someone else.

Family ties – the ones that bind and nurture, and the ones that strangle and suffocate – shape Mary Alice’s life in profound ways. Although Birdhouse Jesus is a story of trauma and betrayal, it is also one of resilience and hope, as Mary Alice struggles to become the woman that a part of her has always known she could be.

About the Author:

Terri Chastain 1957 – 2022

Terri was born on February 27, 1957 in Rome, Georgia. She received her bachelor’s degree from Berry College in Rome in 1979. She and her husband, Joseph Wayne Chastain, raised three children: Brian, Michelle, and Winter.

Terri was passionate about her work in the nonprofit community. She spent twenty-five years in the Orlando area fundraising and teaching fundraising. Terri also was active in the creative writing community for over thirty years with several poems published. Terri loved Central Florida and had a passion for the Canadian Rockies and her special place, St. Augustine, Florida

Birdhouse Jesus is her first novel.