Building a Family

The Place of Peace and Crickets:  How adoption, heartache, and love built a family
A Memoir by Tricia Booker

IMG_3767Perhaps the subtitle of this book should be “how a brilliant mind and wicked sense of humor allowed one mom to survive raising three adopted children.” Yes, that’s too long for a subtitle, but it aptly describes this beautiful, emotional memoir about love and family.

When Tricia Booker and her husband Bob decided to start a family, they began a journey that would eventually place them in the hands of Guatemala’s broken international adoption system, and give them a child who seemed at times as broken as the system from which he came.

With wit and candor, Tricia tells her story of fertility treatments, three international adoptions, and the struggle to diagnose and treat her son’s attachment disorder. By turns heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny, this book is a must read for anyone who has ever loved a child.

Twisted Road Publications is proud to announce that we will release The Place of Peace and Crickets in the spring of 2017.