Book Release Dates Are Set

Here are the release dates for the first three books from Twisted Road Publications. We’ve promised marginalized voices and a passion for truth-telling.  You will find that and so much more in these excellent books.

On July 28th:
The River’s Memory, Sandra Gail Lambert’s wonderful exploration of an ancient river and the women who may have lived along its banks.

On August 25th:
Dream Chaser, Pat Spears’s story of a single father, adept at feeling sorry for himself but struggling to find a way to put his children’s pain above his own.

On September 22nd:
Eve’s Garden, Glenda Bailey-Mershon’s story of family and friendship, told by three generations of fascinating women.

All three books will be available for pre-orders soon.  Keep an eye on this website or sign up for our updates for the details.

Coming soon. Dates to be announced:

  • Ever Yrs, by Nance Van Winckel
  • More of There and Less of Here, by Pat Spears
  • Sewing Holes, by Darlyn Finch Kuhn