Many of today’s talented writers have encountered impossible barriers blocking the road to publication. Corporate hierarchies, with their marketing directors and entrenched practices of exclusiveness, are convinced they know what readers want. With the resurgence of small presses, some of those barriers are being taken down. Still, the journey of a story from concept to finished book in the hands of an adoring reader often takes a very twisted road.

We seek to publish gifted writers whose works are under-represented by corporate marketing.

We are partial to the writer who possesses a gift for compassionate, sharp-eyed truth-telling, rendering fully formed characters and stories that get under our skin. Ones that push hard to discover the kind of truth that exposes the reality of our deepest humanity.

Our approach is straightforward.

Our selection process, simply stated, is: If we’re blown away by the quality of the work and its intent isn’t racist, homophobic, elitist, sexist or erotic for the sake of erotica— although we like sex and welcome its inclusion—then you are well on your way with us. If we want to publish your work, we’ll make you an offer. If it is an offer you choose not to accept, we’re cool with that.

How to submit to Twisted Road Publications